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Blame it on Scotland book Cover

Blame It on Scotland

Release Date: April 9th, 2018
Series: Kilts and Quilts (Book 8 of 9)
Length: 384 Pages


When Tuck MacBride, Gandiegow’s favorite scapegoat, is blamed for a fisherman’s tragic accident, Tuck takes on extra work to secretly funnel his earnings to the maimed fisherman’s family. Though he is working night and day and is haunted by the mistaken turn of events, he can’t stop thinking about the new lass who has popped up in town.


Ryn Breckenridge has no one left in the world. To fulfill her mother’s last request, Ryn travels to Scotland to return a quilt to her long lost cousin. Hoping to rebuild family ties, Ryn volunteers to help out her cousin at the upcoming quilting retreat. But there is more than quilting on Ryn’s mind. The irresistible Tuck MacBride is proving to be a dangerous distraction.


Ryn’s past is riddled with bad boys like him who have left her alone and broken. She vows to stay away, but can’t help taking a closer look when she realizes there is more to Tuck than meets the eye. Both of their pasts contain shattered promises, but Scotland is known to bring reluctant hearts together. Will the two of them be willing to cross the deep chasm between them and find love? If they do, they will only have Scotland to blame…


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