The Trouble With Scotland

The Trouble With Scotland


  • 2017 Finalist Golden Quill

The Trouble With Scotland

Release Date: April 5th, 2016 (Penguin Random House)

Series: Kilts and Quilts (Book 5 of 8)

Length: 382 Pages

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Life isn’t going as planned and Sadie Middleton is rethinking her whole future. Thankfully one thing is staying the same: She’s able to share her love of quilting with her grandmother Gigi. The two of them enter a contest and win an all-expenses-paid trip to the Kilts and Quilts retreat in the Scottish Highlands. But their victory turns hollow when Gigi passes away before they can go. Sadie is grief-stricken, but her brother convinces her to take the trip to Gandiegow anyway.

There she meets a charming circle of quilters who remind her of her grandmother—and Ross Armstrong, a handsome fisherman who brings a smile to her face. Newly single, Ross intends to enjoy his freedom. That plan goes awry as he comes to know Sadie—and a surprising spark is lit. Too bad some well-meaning folks want to protect Ross from getting hurt again and are determined to keep him and the American lass apart. . . .

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